Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Creating My Life with My Multipotentiality

School has ended, and the children have graduated, one from middle school and the other from high school. I've celebrated the graduates: the middle schooler with a family dinner and the high schooler with the blow-out party. I've hosted the relatives. I've flown to Kansas City, Missouri and back for a taekwondo tournament.

And now, summer break can begin.

This is the Summer of Transition. In this season, one of my children transitions from middle school to high school and the other from high school to college. I am experiencing a shift as well. In the perspective of Creating My Life, I'm engaging in what I call The Turn. With all of the events associated with the kids' graduations behind me, I have greater bandwidth for focusing more on this Creating My Life Creating Challenge, my quest for weaving my creative pursuits together into one career that will sustain me after my youngest birdie flies from this nest.

Though I've not blogged much about it recently, I have pondered this shift. I have yet to come to solid conclusions. Part of the reason for this is what we in the gifted realm call multipotentiality: possessing many abilities. Many of us gifted folk "suffer" from being jack of many trades but master of none. As well, we have many interests. Because we love learning, we find ourselves involved in a wide variety activities, dabbling here and dabbling there. Many of us long for one clear path, one interest we can delve into and master. Yet the siren songs of other potential learning opportunities keep us from staying on one path for long. And we may find ourselves overcommitted, involved in so many activities that we burn ourselves out and do none of them well.

I feel this. Currently, I teach taekwondo, Nia, and art. I also have artwork I want to create and sell, a book to write, a volunteer project to develop for a local private school, another pet project related to my gifted and twice-exceptional interests, and a desire to delve back into my life coaching practice to inspire others into creating.

How do I create a cohesive career from all of that?

I don't yet know. I am growing comfortable with not knowing. I have four years with one child still at home and, therefore, plenty of time to allow my career to unfold. When it does, I'll let you know. I believe that when the time comes for me to shift from active mothering into a full-time career, the perfect opportunity will arise. And that gives me peace.

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