Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Regrouping and Reorienting After Spring Break

It's Wednesday. My kids returned to school from Spring Break on Monday, and still I find myself regrouping and reorienting myself.

Truth be told, I'm doing quite well with this given the circumstances. Thanks to keeping some semblance of forward movement with Creating My Life during Spring Break, I've stepped back into my regular mindset with fewer mental and emotional challenges than usual (and that includes dealing with car troubles and a sick child home today!).

This means I've grown! I'm learning to blend motherhood and individual purpose. I feel privileged that I experience the blessings of both arenas.  Granted, this is partly because my children are older and more independent, yet it's also because I've matured too.

As well, I've accepted that this regrouping and reorienting takes whatever time it requires. Eventually, I'll be running on all cylinders again.

Probably just in time for summer vacation. ;-)

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