Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Reticence and Resistance May Show Up in Creating Challenges


Two days ago I committed to a new Creating Challenge, one in which I Create My Life...AND BLOG ABOUT IT! WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Yeah, a little bit of reticence and resistance have set in.

I want to acknowledge this so I can move forward freely into this Creating Challenge.

I intend to fully engage with Creating My Life and sharing it with you my readers. I will endeavor to vulnerably share my process and progress.

As well, I want to honor that I am a private person. For many reasons, I've cultivated a reserve I am not completely willing to dissolve. I have personal feelings and proprietary ideas that require sensitivity.

That said, I commit to taking risks. I want to express. I will engage in the learning the balance of what belongs on the Interwebz and what belongs in my heart. I thank all of you in advance for witnessing my journey, including my potential stumbles. I promise I will learn from them!

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