Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just Take a Step...Any Step!

This week my kids are on Spring Break. I've done what I can to remain flexible and available to them so we can enjoy this last Spring Break before my son heads off to college.
We're hoping for some of this action (I took this shot last year)!

Amid waiting for kiddos to wake up from sleeping in, staying up late to chill with them, checking in with them after they return home from their adventures, and staying "on call" to play however they want to at the drop of a hat, I've continued to keep my Creating My Life Creating Challenge rolling. I find if I can take at least one step a day, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, I feel the joy and energy of moving into whatever the future holds for me. And this keeps me motivated.

Here are just a few ideas for small, simple steps I can take each day:
  • preparing a canvas for painting;
  • tearing out images from a magazine for future collage work;
  • writing a paragraph for an article or book idea;
  • entering a one-sentence blog concept into Blogger as a reminder for a future post;
  • sending a quick "thinking of you" greeting to a potential client, customer, or colleague via social media, email, or phone;
  • quickly drawing a concept in my sketchbook;
  • gathering magazine submission guidelines for potential articles.
Taking just one step helps me feel connected to the larger picture of the life that's evolving for me. And as I enjoy my children this week, I also feel the confidence and joy of knowing that my Creating My Life Creating Challenge continues to move forward. Usually that's enough. Other times I find that that one small step turns into two, three, or more--sometimes even a full-blown "walk"--as creative energy begets creative energy, I find myself in the flow, and I progress much further than I'd originally anticipated.

Kind of like sitting down to write this blog post. Who knew at the start it would end up this long?!

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