Monday, March 9, 2015

Announcing My New Creating Challenge

A couple of years ago I engaged in a 365-Day Creating Challenge, one in which I created something every single day and blogged about it. I grew so much from that experience as a person and as an artist.

It's been awhile since I've wanted to commit to another Creating Challenge other than the five-day challenges I host each month via the Brilliant Chaos Facebook community. My 365-Day Challenge was a marathon, and I needed a breather and rest afterwards.

Now I find myself on the brink of another Creating Challenge, one that circumstances force upon me. This year we will launch our first child into the world, sending him to college this coming Autumn. Four years later, our second child will leave. I'm staring the Empty Nest in the face.

Before we had kids, I anticipated being a career woman during motherhood. And I tried. I freelanced as a writer and editor, then I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. But raising two gifted (one twice-exceptional) children required more energy and time than I anticipated. And being a gifted adult, I had my own issues to address.

So, I surrendered my pride (best thing I could have done!) and became a--*gasp*--stay-at-home mom. I'm so grateful to have had the time, resources, and flexibility to play this role in my children's lives. They are two of the most amazing people I will ever know.

That said, with their impending transition into adulthood, I, too, have a transition before me. I find myself wanting to engage it proactively. So here's my new Creating Challenge: Creating My Life. I have already been doing this, truth be told. You are catching me in the middle of it. However, I just recently decided that I would blog about it. I imagine other folks are in a similar boat, and perhaps we can navigate these waters together.

I plan to share my process. Within the next four years, I want to have myself set up to make a living from my creative pursuits. I sense my life going in this direction, and I want to take that energy and leverage it.

Here's to leaping into the great unknown! I hope you join me!

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