Monday, October 20, 2014

Feeding Your Art by Feeding Your Heart

Autumn is my favorite season, and I had the distinct privilege last week to tour colleges back east for my son. Our trip just happened to fall during peak leaf times for some of the areas we visited. I was in heaven!

I have such a longing for Autumn in my heart. Having grown up in California, I haven't experienced the true glory of this season. And currently living in Colorado, I only taste a bit of it. Our native aspens are beautiful against the evergreens, but it's a monochoromatic type of Autumn scene: yellow, darker yellow, almost orangey-yellow, and more yellow. People such as myself who long for more color plant maples and such in their yards to get orange and red in Fall.

But you simply cannot manufacture the true glory of Autumn in the East.  Reds, golds, oranges, russets, garnets, greens all mixed together in a riot of color, here and there topped with a dollop of fog bring such beauty and joy to my heart, filling it to overflowing.

As an artist, I felt completely spoiled. Now that I'm home again, I'm bursting with inspiration, both visual and verbal. I look forward to getting my hands into acrylics to interpret the scenes I enjoyed.

What feeds your artist's heart? Can you get a generous serving of it today?

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