Friday, June 20, 2014


What thoughts dance behind those silent, quick eyes that miss nothing?
Do you dwell on galaxies, the orbiting of planets around suns,
of suns around other suns in one giant universal waltz?
Do you focus on the universe of a cell and the smallest particles of life within?
Do you write scripts for full-length movies comprised of well-rounded characters
surviving and thriving through intricate and adept plots?
Or novels of equal complexity and quality?
Do you create a world yet unseen except in that brilliant brain of yours?
A world where justice reigns and inhabitants live in peace and harmony?
Do you plant a fairy garden of magical flowers and trees?
Paint a four-foot by six-foot canvas with thousands of intricate, colorful strokes?
Find a cure for cancer or AIDS or heart dis-ease?

Others may say you "obsess," but you know better.
You were made for this.
And the very world that judges you?
Well, you may save it one day.
So, let your thoughts run free.
Let them play and frolic in the sun.

The above is my offering to the 2014 #NZGAW Blog Tour.
Thanks to Mary St. George for inviting me to participate!

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