Monday, April 7, 2014

Sketching Faces

After a hiatus, I've returned to sketching faces. Dina Wakley, in her online course called Facing the Facts, challenges her students to draw 100 faces. I've chosen to take on this challenge. The faces below are numbers 13 through 20.

My daughter thinks this guy is creepy. I agree.

If the faces seem brooding, they are. I'm using models as, well, models. I've purchased a style magazine to have plenty of drawing samples. The unintentional result is I have a bunch of faces of people with attitude and slightly parted lips.

After drawing so many pouty-faced models, I decided to go free form. I'm grateful for all of the models I've drawn; they've taught me so much about drawing faces that I was able to use in the sketch below. Of all the faces I've sketched in this set, she is my favorite.

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