Friday, April 4, 2014

Mixed Media Journal Cover

Since completing my 365-Day Creating Challenge on December 31 of last year, I have not created as much as I'd like. I have painted and sketched here and there; now I'm feeling a greater desire to amp up my creating pace. I'm also feeling the urge to blog again (I'd rather burned out on it after posting so much last year).

So, here I am, sharing a journal cover I recently made. I like to journal in sketchbooks. They contain completely blank pages which make for truly creative writing. However, the covers leave something to be desired, and this one was particularly hideous with a bunch of marketing copy all over it. I slathered the cover with gesso then went to town with acrylics for the background. I collaged the flower onto the cover with decoupage, then painted it with acrylics and finished it off with pen work. Well, it might not be "finished"--I might have to cap it off with some lettering...

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