Saturday, December 28, 2013

Creating Challenge Days 361 & 362--Drawing/Painting Faces

Having completed the Draw Your Awesome Life class, and waiting for Draw Your Awesome Life 2 to begin, I've treated myself to Dina Wakley's Facing the Facts class in the interim. I've watched the first two videos and begun the assignments. I've also committed myself to drawing 100 faces. That is my new Creating Challenge, overlapping this 365-day one I'm completing in three days!

My "before" drawing, before watching any of Dina's videos or reading any of her pdfs.

My first "after" drawing, after watching the first instructional video.

I went to Canvas and Cocktails (what a way to paint!). I decided to jettison their prescribed painting to do my own. Why not a face (especially since I've committed to drawing/painting 100)?

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