Saturday, November 9, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 313--Decorating

I have wanted to create a valance for my art studio window for a while now. I've had an idea in my head about using various colored ribbons to create the playful essence I want in the space. The other day while at Michael's I saw ribbons in the exact colors I had imagined, and the rolls of ribbon were on sale for 60% off their usual price! SERENDIPITY! I decided to take the plunge and make my vision a reality.

Here's my window before:

This is an after picture, taken with flash so you can see the ribbon colors:

This is also an after picture, this time taken without flash so you can see the Christmas lights:

It's so fun! I love it, and my space feels even more creative and beautiful than before! I especially appreciate that I held the vision for this, I recognized the provision for it when provision presented itself, I took advantage of the provision, and I actually used the materials and finished the project within a day of apprehending the supplies (I'm notorious for buying supplies then taking forever to tackle the project). I'm also willing to tweak it over time as I see things I'd like to change. This whole process feels like creating organically, without striving, and this is how I want to create as often as possible.

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