Monday, October 21, 2013

Creating Challenge Days 289-294--Paracord & Learning

I've not felt well over the past number of days, and when I feel tired and ill, I don't feel very creative. At these times, it's easy to tie knots, so I've made a few paracord items: some bracelets (not all are pictured) and a headband.

This is the headband I made for my daughter. I created a base loop of paracord, then sewed an elastic loop into it so the headband can adjust to her head. Then I tied the knots over the base loop. It looks great in her hair!

Another good way to be "creative" while feeling under the weather is watching art videos. I've been viewing online videos from a class I began taking this summer. I'm trying to finish this class because I have another one that starts soon, and when it does, I want to dive in completely. The new class is Joanne Sharpe's Draw Your Awesome Life class, and if you want to join me, click on the link. Joanne Sharpe was one of the first artists whose work inspired me to begin art journaling. I love her lettering, graphics, and color. I can't wait to begin learning from her!

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