Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 302--Watercolor Art Journal

I've completed two assignments from the Draw Your Awesome Life class. The first was a title page for the journal. I, however, ordered a new sketchbook for the class, and it has not yet arrived. So, I completed the assignment in an older journal which still needed a title page. I love how it turned out!
Then I completed the assignment about painting some of my supplies. I like how this one turned out too.

I am having so much fun already! I've already begun to learn what I wanted to learn in this class. I love Joanne Sharpe's whimsical style and am beginning to integrate that whimsy into my own work. As well, the online community seems great. People are friendly, and they are creating beautiful art journal pages.

It's never too late to join--the class will be available forever. (Hint, hint!)

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