Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 303--Grocery List Art

Who knew that a simple thing such as a grocery list could become art? 

I have wanted to become more regular at art journaling. I am beginning to realize that sometimes the most seemingly simple, mundane parts of life are worth portraying and recording. That is a bonus lesson I didn't anticipate learning through this Draw Your Awesome Life class. I'm so glad for it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 302--Watercolor Art Journal

I've completed two assignments from the Draw Your Awesome Life class. The first was a title page for the journal. I, however, ordered a new sketchbook for the class, and it has not yet arrived. So, I completed the assignment in an older journal which still needed a title page. I love how it turned out!
Then I completed the assignment about painting some of my supplies. I like how this one turned out too.

I am having so much fun already! I've already begun to learn what I wanted to learn in this class. I love Joanne Sharpe's whimsical style and am beginning to integrate that whimsy into my own work. As well, the online community seems great. People are friendly, and they are creating beautiful art journal pages.

It's never too late to join--the class will be available forever. (Hint, hint!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 301--Starting Class!

Today I started Joanne Sharpe's Draw Your Awesome Life class! I began watching videos, and found I needed some more supplies. (Oh darn! Have to buy things I already wanted...)

In case you might be interested in joining me (it's an online class with access whenever you want it), here's a link to the promo vid. Watch out--the song is catchy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 300--Zentangle-Inspired Art

Celebrating Day 300 of this Creating Challenge! Time has flown--I'm astounded to have reached this milestone. For the occasion, I made ZIA (Zentangle-Inspired Art).

I am already considering what I've begun to call Creating Challenge 2K14. I want to capitalize on what I've learned and the momentum I've created through this year's Challenge.

Also, tomorrow I begin Joanne Sharpe's Draw Your Awesome Life class. I cannot wait! You'll be seeing artwork from that soon!

Creating Challenge Day 299--More iPad Play

I played more on my iPad today, this time with Sketchbook Pro. I enjoyed experimenting with the tools, although I seem to have a Tribble infestation that I could not eradicate...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 298--iPad Painting

Today I played around with Brushes, an app on my iPad. I have much to learn about this tool, and playing around is the best way to do that. As well, I wasn't feeling motivated to create today, and playing around with an iPad app helps me complete my creating challenge when lacking motivation!

I believe I will continue to develop this sketch. Brushes has many different types of tips for painting. I most like the swirl paintbrush, which I used for the sky.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 297--Mixed Media Background

Today I added to the background I began creating two weeks ago. I decoupaged torn pieces of cardstock onto the canvas. I have an idea of where I want to go with this artwork, but I needed to let the decoupage dry before proceeding. I'm looking forward to more creativity and messiness soon!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 296--More Paracord!

Today I created a cross using paracord. I adapted these instructions for weaving a Celtic cross, doubling the strands and weaving them as if they were one. I'm proud of myself for adapting directions so I could create what I wanted to create.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 295--Lettering

Today I have created fewer conflicts in my household by making a magnet indicating when dishes in the dishwasher are clean. This way people know whether or not they can load dishes into the dishwasher, and the person responsible for emptying the dishwasher cannot claim that s/he does not know the dishes are ready to put away!

I simply lettered "CLEAN" onto the back of an old business card, outlining the letters with a black .5 Micron pen and coloring them in using my Pitt pens. I also shaded the letters to the right and on the bottom to make them pop. Then I adhered the business card to a magnet and affixed clear contact paper to the top. Easy, colorful, and useful!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Creating Challenge Days 289-294--Paracord & Learning

I've not felt well over the past number of days, and when I feel tired and ill, I don't feel very creative. At these times, it's easy to tie knots, so I've made a few paracord items: some bracelets (not all are pictured) and a headband.

This is the headband I made for my daughter. I created a base loop of paracord, then sewed an elastic loop into it so the headband can adjust to her head. Then I tied the knots over the base loop. It looks great in her hair!

Another good way to be "creative" while feeling under the weather is watching art videos. I've been viewing online videos from a class I began taking this summer. I'm trying to finish this class because I have another one that starts soon, and when it does, I want to dive in completely. The new class is Joanne Sharpe's Draw Your Awesome Life class, and if you want to join me, click on the link. Joanne Sharpe was one of the first artists whose work inspired me to begin art journaling. I love her lettering, graphics, and color. I can't wait to begin learning from her!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 287--Art Journal Page Completed!

Today I finished an art journal page I began awhile ago. I simply outlined this previously posted picture using a black Stabilo All pencil then painted over the pencil with water. I am pleased with the result and especially the style. I've had this particular style in my head for months and have played around with various ways to achieve it. This freedom to experiment is a huge reason I enjoy art journaling. 

Creating Challenge Day 286--Paracord Bracelet

I've wanted to try creating a paracord bracelet for awhile. Here's my first attempt:

Creating Challenge Day 285--Photography

Today I went photo hunting. I absolutely love autumn, and I wanted to capture some images of this season. We are still a little ways away from peak, but this tree is already showing off her colors. Stunning!

Creating Challenge Day 284--Background

I have an acrylic/collage piece in mind, and today I painted the background. I applied the acrylic paint with my fingers, which I enjoy doing immensely! I then added stamping, rub-ons, and washi tape. We'll see where this goes!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 282--Photography & FX

I saw this gorgeous tree from outside my window, and just had to photograph it. I so love autumn!

And while I'm at it, why not amp up the colors, textures, and frame? I did this in picfx on my iPad.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 281--Brainstorming

It looks as if I'll be teaching an art journaling class to middle schoolers. I'm so excited! I spent some time today creating the course, making notes in Evernote about techniques and topics we'll cover. I also uploaded pictures of techniques I'd like to teach the kids. I enjoyed this process immensely. The course is writing itself, so I feel very much in the flow.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 280--Sketching Faces

Here's another in my series of sketched faces (this lady was reading a book, that's why her eyes seem closed):

Creating Challenge Day 279--Knitting

More knitting today! With the beautiful autumn weather, I want to finish this scarf I began last autumn! I love the colors, and the yarn feels so soft. Can't wait to wear this!

Creating Challenge Day 278--Knitting

I've been working on an afghan for my son for years! It's really simple, and yet it has taken me forever to complete it. Today I knit a few rows.

Creating Challenge Day 277--Music

Today I picked out some music by ear on my piano, and I practiced guitar.

Creating Challenge Day 276--Lettering

Today I worked a little more on the lettering of JOY that I began awhile ago.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 275--Art Journal Page Complete!

I've finished the art journal page I've been working on for the past number of days (except for the actual journaling--I like to keep that private so I can write freely). As I posited yesterday, the pen work completed the page. Here she is, all grown up:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 274--Art Journal Page Progress

Today I took another step toward completing the art journal page I've been working on for the past few days. I painted over the collage work I did yesterday. It's a glorious mess, the adolescent phase of the project. I have hope that when I do the pen work this page will become a beautiful swan!

Creating Challenge Day 273--Art Journal Page Continued

I continue to develop my most recent art journal page. I applied ideas from this sketch onto this background, and so far I've come up with this:

I surprised myself by taking a collage approach to this page. I had originally planned to paint the whole thing, but for some reason when I had the opportunity to work on this idea, the urge to cut and paste took over. I'm pleased with this particular phase of the project, and I look forward to doing the painting stage soon.

Creating Challenge Day 272--Watercolor Tag

Today I quickly painted and penned a tag to let some people I love know I'm with them in spirit.