Sunday, August 25, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 237--Sewing

Perhaps you know that my sewing machine and I have had a love-hate relationship. Actually, it's been more like a tolerate-hate relationship. As much as I believed long ago that I would love sewing, that has not actually come to pass.

The relationship is shifting, however. I've found myself beginning to use my sewing machine more again and liking it. It has sat on my dining room table for the past few weeks as my daughter and I have been making curtains for her room. Since the machine is already out, I decided to attempt some mixed media techniques.

In past posts I've expressed that Dina Wakley has inspired me in a few ways. The above picture portrays a technique I learned in her book Art Journal Freedom. I used gel medium to adhere ripped pieces of book paper onto drawing paper. After that dried, I cut out heart shapes. Then I sewed the outline. This was easy and fun, and I look forward to incorporating these pieces into an art journal page soon.

Above I affixed fabric scraps onto card stock scraps then sewed petal shapes to attach them, giving the fabric sturdiness. I then cut around the stitching using pinking shears. These, too, will go on an art journal page (probably not the same one as the heart shapes).

I am enjoying expanding my creative boundaries and renegotiating my relationship with my sewing machine. Who knows what I might sew next?!

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