Thursday, August 1, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 213--Perspective Part 2

Today I completed the photography assignment I began yesterday. My two remaining tasks were to take pictures of wide open spaces and to photograph something looking up at it. I not only finished those, I took a couple bonus shots for some of the tasks I had tackled yesterday.

I completed both of today's assignments quickly by cycling to a local open space area. What a great excuse to go outdoors and get some movement into my day! Here is a wide-open-space shot.

Here's another wide-open-space shot. I have a fascination for the windmill and have photographed it often, but never like this.

And definitely not like this! (The five following photos are looking-up shots.)

I also found some opportunities to shoot foliage at ground level.

In the next seven pictures I played with composition and macro photography. Unfortunately, Blogger can't figure out how to post my vertical shots vertically. So, stretch your neck a little...;-) 

And for my finale, more wide-open-spaces shots. I have to admit I don't usually favor landscape photography. I'm more attracted to macro shots. However, I live in an amazing state filled with gorgeous vistas. So, I drove myself to a local vantage point for beautiful spacious views. Yes, those would be the Rockies in the background.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project! I had forgotten how much photography feeds my soul. I look forward to whatever artwork proceeds from this pictures!

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