Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Creating Challenge Days 211 & 212--Perspective

Over the past two days I've watched a video from my Wildflowers art class (an online class taught by Junelle Jacobsen; you can still sign up for it if you'd like!) and begun to complete the project assigned in the video. The assignment challenges us to take photographs from various perspectives. We'll use some of these photographs in upcoming artwork. Below are some of my pictures; read the captions to understand the types of shots I took:

I need to take the same picture with different lighting. I took this picture this morning.
I took this picture this evening.

We are to play with composition, so this morning I took another picture of the tree above and added other greenery in the foreground.

This is a macro shot of a potentilla bloom. They are quite tiny. I love to photograph flowers, so this picture wasn't a big stretch for me. I am thankful for the encouragement to get out of my comfort zone to take other kinds of pictures. I'm also grateful for shots like these that hit the bull's-eye of my comfort zone!

This shot fulfills the direction to photograph something from above.

Last night at around 10 p.m. we had a bit of excitement. Someone threw many rounds of firecrackers onto our next-door neighbors' driveway. The noise was loud and long; sounded like a war zone. This morning when I went outside to take photographs, I saw the firecracker remains strewn all over our neighbors' driveway. I found the scraps interesting, so I used them for my assignment. The first four  photos fulfill the composition assignment mentioned above.

I photographed this using my macro setting.
This assignment required taking a photograph from ground level.
I've made great progress on this project, yet still have pictures to take. Tomorrow I plan on shooting photographs of wide open spaces and of looking up at something. I'm grateful for the challenge. I'm enjoying shifting my perspective, and I anticipate how these photographs will inform coming art projects.

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