Saturday, April 6, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 96--iPad Painting

I've taken the leap and experimented with my new ArtRage app. Dani Jones, author of iPad for Artists, warned me: learning to paint on the iPad takes time and persistence. Move from broad interpretations, she suggests, then refine with each pass. I began with a rough pencil outline.

Then I began blocking in large swaths of color.

The latter activity frustrated me a bit--I struggled to find the exact colors I wanted. I suppose I need to keep trying in order to learn how to manipulate the hues. I do like the feature that allows me to choose a photo from my iPad and tack it to the working surface so I can copy it. (I could also just put it on a layer, trace it, then remove the photo layer from the picture, but what's the fun in that?!)

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