Monday, April 1, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 91--Reflections

Day 91. In just a few hours, I'll officially be one-fourth of the way through this 365-Day Creating Challenge. How can I possibly be this far along? Time flies when you're having fun!

Reaching this milestone infuses me with the desire to reflect on my experience. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • I am LOVING this Challenge! I'm so thankful I took it on! I have indeed felt challenged but not pushed. I don't feel stress about it at all. I'm simply enjoying the experience and allowing it to take me where it will, including to numerous creative edges and beyond. I look forward to much more of this in the months to come.
  • Other creative doors have opened up for me through this Challenge. I've recently found myself playing my piano again. For a couple of years I let that instrument lie fallow. Perhaps that was a necessary resting period after a lengthy strenuous demand on myself musically. I am so grateful to have music back in my life in this way, and I am officially adding it to this Challenge for the rest of the year. If I spend hours or even minutes at any instrument (including my voice), it's fair game for the Challenge.
  • Same for writing. I used to get PAID to write! And I am currently a prolific journaler. If a creative writing piece comes to mind, I now consider it fair game for this Challenge. (Nanowrimo, I am officially putting you on notice!)
  • Rest is indeed a huge part of creativity. A few weeks ago I hit a wall. Zero inspiration or energy. I allowed it to be, and then a beautiful piece emerged. (See "Creating Challenge Day 84--Mixed Media Chaos.") In the past this kind of experience would have stressed me out. I am learning to embrace it as a valid, vital part of the creating process.
  • I am also learning that creating at this pace requires a great deal of inspiration "food." I cannot make daily demands on my creativity without regularly reading, viewing instructional videos, and allowing myself to be drawn to scenes and sounds that tug at my heart. It would be like training for a marathon without allowing myself to eat. I need to grow in this area: giving myself permission to take in information, music, visually appealing pieces, etc. I look forward to the opportunities I know will now arise.
Ninety-one days down, 274 more to go! Let's see what they'll bring!

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