Monday, April 1, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 90--Thumbnail Sketching

And no, I'm not sketching my thumbnails. (*eyeroll*--I have to be SOOOO specific around the people in my tribe. Gah!)

One of the aspects of Art Journal Freedom that I'm enjoying is Dina Wakley's suggestions for art journal pages. I need inspiration! One of her challenges is to create a grid composition page; this is part of her teaching on symmetry and asymmetry. I like the idea, but didn't know what to focus on for the grid. The grid concept made me think of thumbnail sketching: creating a grid on the page to quickly sketch ideas about a theme.

Then I had to brainstorm a theme. Lately I've been considering art as a means for processing deep matters of the heart. I tapped into my own heart to come up with a theme. I'm waiting for something. It's something good. I know it's coming; I just don't know when. I find myself riding a roller coaster of hope and impatience. So, here are a couple thumbnail sketch pages I created. I'll choose some of these ideas to include on my grid composition page:

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