Monday, February 25, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 56--Checking In

Today my erstwhile friend and Brilliant Chaos partner-in-crime Wendy Balman and I had a virtual summit, meeting via Skype to touch base on our creating challenges and our Brilliant Chaos online community. As I reflected on the past fifty-six days, I acknowledged the good that I've experienced: the ways I've stretched myself artistically, the new techniques I've learned, and my general sense of accomplishment for sticking with this challenge up to this point.

I also realized that I have not given myself permission to pursue part of the challenge: reading books and magazines and watching videos that will give me new art ideas and inspiration. I have felt compelled to create, to have some visual image to post each day that reflects my learning and exploring. This compulsion has added a performance focus that I had not intended, and that has hindered my freedom to lose myself in an art book or video just for the enjoyment and education of it.

Having recognized this, I am now declaring myself free of this compulsion! I give myself full permission to pursue the education part of this challenge without having something to show for it!

I will continue to create a blog post each day to track my progress. To that end, today I am sharing that I read more of iPad for Artists by Dani Jones, a book I've mentioned in previous posts. I feel inspired to create more on my iPad, yet I also feel overwhelmed by the number of apps with which I could indulge myself. I may just have to splurge!

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