Monday, February 18, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 49--Inkpad App

Who said painting on an iPad isn't messy? Here is the brilliantly chaotic mess I made on the Inkpad app I gifted myself this morning (it's my birthday!). After perusing most of the iPad for Artists book I've mentioned in a previous post, I believe I'm going to be acquiring a number of new apps. This particular app is completely different from the other ones I currently own. The programs I've used previously are pixel-based, which allow for texture and nuance, but the images become blurry if you want to enlarge them. Inkpad is vector-based, which doesn't allow for as much nuance but does make enlarging images possible without blurriness or pixelation. Apparently this type of app is good for line art and icons, and I believe exploring this will increase my range of possible artwork in the future.

As you can see, I have a huge learning curve in front of me, but I have huge learning curves all over the place, so what's one more?!

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