Monday, January 28, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 28--Junque Bow

Over the holidays I took an online art class called Twelve Artsy Ornaments of Christmas. Margie Romney-Aslett taught one of the projects, which was a canvas ornament adorned by a junque bow. Junque bows are amazingly easy to create, and they add an instant bling factor. I tied this one atop a friend's gift (the handmade beaded bracelet and earrings from yesterday). If you know me, I am Miss Hurry-Get-the-Gift-Wrapping-Done Girl. In the past I've felt as if wrapping packages was a waste of time because they simply get ripped open. This time I felt like taking that extra bit of care--and seriously just a few seconds more--to create a memorable package. I liked how it turned out...and my friend did too! ;-)

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