Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creating Challenge Day 22--Finger Painting!

As a preschooler, I was the queen of finger painting. The teacher would tie up my smock and dump a blob of paint on my paper, and I would go to town. I'd smear the paint all over, feeling it squish between my fingers. I'd create squiggles, lines, and designs with my fingertips, then make them disappear with a swipe of my palm. Once again I had a clear slate for a new picture. I could probably have spent hours doing this if I'd been allowed, but preschoolers have to nap sometime!

Perhaps I never grew up (though now I revel in nap time) because I still love to smear paint all over pages. Junelle Jacobsen gave me permission, so it's OK!

Today I needed that tactile connection with art supplies. After sketching and coloring with colored pencils for a few days, I ached to make a mess. And I felt pulled back into my art journals. This is part of pressing deeper into my creativity--getting a bit wild and letting go of pretense and expectations. So, for Creating Challenge Day 22, I finger painted a background for an art journal page I'm working on (above). I thoroughly enjoyed squirting the acrylic colors on the page and letting them play together. Don't you just want to give it a go?

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