Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The holidays are quickly approaching, and that has many of us thinking about home. Do we go home for the holidays? Do we invite others into our homes? Maybe for some of us we're in transition, and we're asking ourselves where home even is!

Home can represent our internal "dwellings" just as much as it represents the houses we live in. I contemplated this idea a bit while creating the art journal pages above. I created these pages in line with an assignment from the online art class I'm taking. This project gave me a timely opportunity to consider how I've moved in my heart from the existence I had been living to my current life full of color, growth, mess, joy, love, laughter, and more. I felt stretched and freer as I cut, decoupaged, painted, stenciled, and outlined. My art is becoming more wild, and I've become at home with wild!

"Coincidentally," I've found myself hooked on the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips. The words fit with the idea of physical home as well as the home of our hearts. If you'd like to listen to it, here's a YouTube video of it with the lyrics: